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The Benefits Of Toys

The Benefits of Toys:

Who else loves bringing home toys for their pets?

It’s nice to treat your pet to something new, whether they tear it apart or not!

Did you know that the benefits of toys can help with your pet’s development?

Toys for pets don’t just serve as entertainment but have a wide range of uses.

Take a look below!

Benefits Of Toys

Teething & Chewing Puppy

Every puppy goes through the teething process, where their baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult ones.

Unfortunately, this process causes them to chew anything and everything.

If you have a puppy at home, you’ll probably already have something valuable destroyed.

It’s important to give them things that are safe to chew.

That’s why chew toys are ideal.

We would recommend the Kong Puppy Toy for puppies as it promotes the healthy development of your puppy’s mouth and good chewing behaviour.


Kittens go through the same process so it’s important to give them toys to chew on.

Try the Kong Catnip Refillable Mouse Toy

This toy has a treat hidden inside which you can refill, so it’s perfect for keeping them away from furnishings.

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Separation Anxiety

It can be tough leaving your dog at home for the day while you go to work.

Nobody likes knowing that their pet is on their own, while pets can get anxiety from being left alone.

Giving your pet a toy to play with, will give them something to focus on while you’re gone.

We recommend the Kong Extreme Toy which you can stuff with treats.

This toy provides mental stimulation and hours of fun for your dog.

What Are The Benefits Of Toys For Your Pet?


The best part about pets is that they’re often entertained very easily.

Unfortunately, they can get bored just as easily.

This is especially if they’re home alone.

To keep them entertained, it’s a good idea to get them a few toys.

These will keep them busy for longer periods and are ideal when leaving your pet home alone.


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Digging & Barking

Finding dug-up holes in the garden can be a nuisance – as can the constant sound of barking outside.

Toys can help prevent this by giving your dog something to focus on.

Crate Training

Are you having trouble getting your pet used to using a crate?

Toys are the best solution for this – simply throw a toy into the crate and your dog will happily follow.

It’ll also give them something to play with to keep them from getting bored.

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Weight Management

Weight management is super important.

If your pet gets too heavy, it can cause serious health problems and lead to a lower quality of life.

Simple things like taking them for walks and throwing a toy around can help manage their weight.

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