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Kitten’s Food: The Best Diet for your Kitten


Being deliberate about the food and drink your kitten consumes is very important if you truly care about it’s growth and development. This content provides you with the necessary things you need to know about kittens’ diet.

When Should My Kitten Stop Taking Milk?

kitten's food

Kitten’s Food: A kitten is entirely dependent on its mother when it’s born, especially for nourishing milk. It needs an appropriate milk replacement if its mother is taken away. Finding a foster queen, or another mother cat who will take in and feed the orphaned kitten, is the best course of action. Our commercial kitten milk substitute is the next best choice if this is not possible.

You can start watching for indicators that your kitten is ready to start the transition to solid food after it is two to three weeks old.

Your kitten will continue to require the milk or milk replacer in addition to any wet food until it’s about four weeks old and weigh at least a pound. In other words, your kitten should be weaned when it’s three to four weeks old.

Remarkably, at roughly six to eight weeks old, the majority of kittens are adopted. Usually, they have already weaned themselves from their mothers and are eating solid food already.

What are the Nutritional Needs of my Kitten?

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For your kitten to develop into a wholesome and energetic adult cat, it must follow very strict food requirements. The nutritional needs of your kitten is quite different from those of an adult cat. A kitten’s meal normally needs the following to support healthy and robust growth:

1. High amounts of protein
2. Extra calories
3. Sufficient daily consumption of taurine and choline
4. Fats
5. Calcium and phosphorus
6. Vitamin and minerals

The aforementioned nutrients are necessary for your kitten’s growth and development. They also help in the development of the bones, teeth, vision and brain of your kitten.
Also note that the best diet will provide your kitten all the nutrition it needs to grow and develop.

What should my Kitten Eat?

kitten's food

It can be confusing to choose a cat food with so many options available. When choosing the best diet for your cat, keep the following in mind:

Feed your kitten only foods that have all the nutrients it requires. Check food labels before buying them to ensure they meet the dietary needs of your kitten. Supplementary foods can be provided in moderation in addition to the primary diet.

Ensure to feed your kitten commercial kitten food up until age one since it’s quite challenging to provide your cat with all they require in a homemade diet. Also, preparing your own cat food increases your Kitten’s risk of developing health issues. You can get commercial kittens’ foods from our pet store Online. However, if you decide to give your kitten homemade diet, you need to be cautious about it and ensure it is made by a professional.

You can choose to feed your kitten a combination of  Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Dry Food and Royal Canine Feline Kitten Wet Pouch as most cats prefer variety in their food. In addition, it contains the right Nutrition needed for your kitten’s growth and development. You’re simply required to give your kitten the right amount, and to do so, always check the packets.

Don’t forget to supply fresh water, which is essential for maintaining the health of your kitten.

How Often and How Much should I Feed my Kitten?

Your kitten needs enough food to grow and develop as it should, hence, it should be fed often (at least thrice a day).

Are There Foods I Should Avoid Giving My Kitten?

There are certain foods that may be toxic to kittens. They include: raw meat and eggs, garlic, onions, tea, grapes, among others. These foods are more likely to contain germs and parasites that are harmful to your kitten. The intake of these foods may also lead to shortage of vitamins which can cause health problems like diarrhea, seizures, e.t.c.


Your kitten can be weaned when it is three to four weeks old.
The best diet will provide your kitten all it’s nutritional needs.
Feed your kitten at least three times daily.
Grapes, onions, tea, raw meat, eggs, among others, can be toxic to your Kitten.

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