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Dog’s Immunity: Tips and Techniques



dog's immunity

Dog’s Immunity: Tips and Techniques . Immunity simply means the state of not being vulnerable to an infection or disease, while imune system refers to the body’s systems and functions that give resistance to poisons and infections; hence, your dog can be susceptible to immune disorders, infections, cancer and diabetes, when its immune system is compromised.

Age, inadequate sleep, medication, allergies, infection, among others, are the various factors that can impair your dog’s immune system.

Keeping your dog’s immune system healthy is crucial as your dog’s immune system helps it battle illnesses and avoid ailments like inflammation. Fortunately, there are five natural ways to boost your dog’s immune system, thereby keeping your dog in a healthy state.

Five Natural Ways to Boost your Dog’s Immune System

To boost your dog’s immune system, follow the steps below:

Feed your Dog the Right Diet

The foundation of a healthy immune system in your dog is its diet. The right diet for your dog is a diet that contains all the nutrients needed to strengthen its immune system. The nutrients your dog needs to keep its immune system in good condition include: vitamins (such as vitamin A, B, C and D), omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and probiotics. So, feeding your dog foods and supplements having these nutrients is key to increasing its immunity against disorders.

Toaheebo IPET-S Boster Immune Supplement and Himalaya Himpyrin Drop are supplements that can enhance your dog’s immune system and maintain its body cells, while Grizzly salmon oil food supplement is a complete source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are important fats your dog needs to boost its immune system and maintain optimum health. These supplements are readily available at Redrusa Store.

Offer Clean Water

Maintaining clean bowls for your dog and replenishing it with clean water on a regular basis help shield it from microorganisms that could harm it or compromise its immune system.

Keep your Dog Fit

The immune system is weakened by increased fat storage. One of the best strategies to reduce excess fat, strengthen immune function and advance general wellbeing is to keep your dog fit. You can help your dog keep fit by engaging it in physical activities like playing, running, or taking it for a walk every day. Keeping your dog active is a sure way of boosting its immune system.

Eliminate Stress

Stress can impair your dog’s immune system as it can affect your dog physically and emotionally. Some dogs are more easily frightened by things like loud noises, crowded places, and travel. Understanding what stresses your dog out will help you take steps to lessen or eliminate stressful circumstances. Vetri DMG  Liquid is an adaptogen that helps the body cope with various forms of stress.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

The most important component in strengthening a dog’s immune system is maintaining good hygiene. Regular dog washing will reduce the amount of microorganisms on your dog. Also, ensure to always keep its feeding bowls clean.

In addition, visit your vet regularly. Your vet can recommend vaccinations and other forms of protection that guarantee your dog won’t get sick.

Redrusa is always available to offer you the best products and foods your lovely pets need to stay healthy. We provide a variety of luxury pet accessories and high-quality pet foods for your pet. There will be no doubt when it comes to giving your pets what they deserve.


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