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How Long Should Puppies Go For Walks?

how long should puppies go for walk

A walk is essential for every living soul on this earth. Whether they are humans or animals, walking benefits everyone. You have welcomed a pet into your family, and that is very overwhelming, but taking care of your pet is the most important and crucial step. For your dog’s morning, a walk is very important. A walk has many benefits for humans. It surely has benefits for your pets too. A walk with your dog should be included in your daily routine, and a short walk can bring many benefits.

 Walking your dog will have many benefits for his health, body, and behavior. The morning walk will bring fitness and freshness to your pet. For many years, pet owners believed that morning walks could help their furry friends stay active and fresh. As time passes, pet owners realize how important a morning walk is for their pets and do it more often.

 How Long Should Be The Walk?

 Every breed is different. Your pet is different from other pets. The ideal time for your puppy’s walk is 30 minutes. It depends on you and your puppy how far you can go, but the minimum time for a pleasant walk should be 30 minutes. Belonging to different species, for some dogs, 30 minutes is enough and for others, they need more time. 

 When to Start Walking Your Puppy?

 There are two main factors to take into account when it is safe to take a puppy outside. One factor is the specific exercise needs of your puppy, which will depend on your puppy’s age, breed, and other factors. Of equal importance are your puppy’s immune system and vaccination schedule. If you’re wondering whether you can take your puppy outside, the generally accepted answer is that puppies shouldn’t venture out into the real world until at least two weeks after their final puppy vaccination. 

 Tips for a Long Walk for Puppies 

  1. Playtime Counts as Exercise

 Puppies have minimal energy, which is why you can’t force anything on them. They tend to do small work or exercise and get their energy from it. If your puppy doesn’t want to go for a walk, don’t force it on them. Put them in the backyard of your house. The way they play, they play with their toys, they get their exercise through it. Having a few minutes in the playground can help them with their exercise. 

  1. Buy Interactive Toys

 There are many toys on the market that are designed to not only work your dog’s body out but also their mind. Interactive toys are great for helping your dog learn and develop. These toys will also help tire your dog out in a fun way.

Using these toys is recommended when your dog is going to be left alone for an extended time. This way, your dog can tire itself out without you taking them out for a walk.

  1. Limit Puppies to Five Minutes Exercise 

 Puppies are small and sensitive. That’s why you shouldn’t force anything on them. Some people may have a five-minute agenda with their puppy. They exercise their puppies for only five minutes. In this way, the puppy won’t be that tired and they’ll get their exercise as well. For example, if your puppy is 6 months old, you should walk him for 30 minutes. If your puppy is 3 months old, a 15-minute walk should be more than enough to tire them out.

  1. Don’t Over-work Your Puppy

Even though exercising is an essential part of life, taking your pet out for a walk is essential, but try not to force them. Every breed is different. If your dog doesn’t want to go out for a walk, don’t force it on them. Most dogs don’t need an extreme form of exercise, and for them, a relaxing 15-minute walk will be enough. Some puppies will play in the backyard for an hour or two, but they won’t go on a walk. Exercising your dog also helps them explore the world and helps them learn about things around them. Always make sure to keep an eye on your puppy and their exercise routine. 

  1. Puppy’s Body Language

 If you’ve ever owned a puppy, you’ve probably watched them play around when they’re younger. If you observe, you’ll notice that your dog will play around for a few minutes, then lay down and relax for a few more. Your dog is the only one that’s aware of its limits. Hence, always pay close attention to your dog’s behavior.

If your dog wants to lay down for some time, let them be. Don’t force anything on them. If your puppy is playing and now lying down on the floor for a long time, let them be. Let them have the rest they want. They will do their jobs and go on an exercise on their own time. Don’t overburden your pet at any cost.


 As the owner of your pet, you should keep an eye on your pet’s exercise and body language. A walk is essential for everyone. It is essential for human beings as well as for your pets. Don’t overburden your pet at any cost. Puppies have little energy, so make sure to give them their space and time. Every breed is different if your pet isn’t up for a walk. Don’t force it on them. Some dogs will go for a walk, others will resist it. If they are playing in the backyard for a long time, you don’t have to take them out for a walk. Let them enjoy themselves.