Furvit Cat Candy’s Nutri Lick Cat Premium Thailand Chicken Nutritional Supplement Cat Kucing Vitamin 40 sachet

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Cat Candy's Nutri Lick Supplement Premium Atlantic Ocean Salmon/ Chicken/ Beef Nutritional.
The ingredients used in Cat Candy's Nutri Lick supplement are sourced from countries like Norway, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, United States of America, China, India, Japan and a little closer to home – Thailand and Malaysia.

We only use the best premium Salmon in our recipe because we are cat lovers ourselves, brought in from the fresh blue waters of the Atlantic, where history is rich and quality is unprecedented.

Our Supplement contain 100% Real Premium Meat
with other Flavors to choose from: 

🍗 Thailand premium Chicken ( neutral flavor) 

We curated the best ingredients to make our supplement taste good for our furry loved ones. This makes the difficult task of feeding nutritional supplements an enjoyable and stress-free time for both humans and our furry loved ones.

7 core ingredients used for this great
supplement were selected based on
well-researched studies and collectively
consists of multiple nutrients essential for
boosting and sustaining your cats’ health.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil,
Evening Primrose Oil,
Virgin Coconut Oil,
Brewer's Yeast
Vitamin B7

The Core Benefits
With these nutrients our furry loved ones will reap the following benefits:-

Healthy Heart & Liver
Enhance Nervous System
Promote bone growth
Mood and energy booster
Quality Source of Protein
Mitigates Organs Inflammation
Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Improves Digestive Health
Strengthen Immune System
Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails
Mitigates Oxidative Stress & Dyslipidemia

How To Apply
-6 Months Old and below you are advised to feed them 1 sachets per day
-6 Months Old and above you are advised to feed them 2 sachets per day
-Unwell Cats any kinds you are advised to feed them 1 full syringe per day

*If your cats are on medication, only feed them their dose of cat candy 3 hours after taking their medicine.
*Cat Candy is not suited for cats that are pregnant or have kidney problems.

Inside the Box
Each Furvit Cat Candy Nutric lick comes with 40 sachets of 5g Nutritional Cat Supplement

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