Himalaya Digyton Drop for Canine Dog Feline Cat Kucing 30ml
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Himalaya Digyton Drop for Canine Dog Feline Cat Kucing 30ml

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Main Benefits Of Taking Himalaya® Digyton®
✅ Improves digestion (促进消化/Menggalakan pencernaan)
✅ Stimulates appetite (增强食欲/Merangsangkan selera makan)
✅Weight gain (增加体重 /Menambah berat badan)
✅Eliminates bloating (消除胀气/Mencegah perut kembung)
✅Alleviates nausea, colic & constipation (改善呕吐、腹痛与便秘问题/Membantu masalah muntah, kolik & sembelit)

      – Optimizes digestion
      – Improves nutrients absorption
      – Maintains circulatory & respiratory system
      – Powerful detoxifiers
?Maricha (Black Pepper)
     – Improves digestive system
     – Reduce bloating, gas, indigestion & flatulence
     – Appetite stimulator
     – Antiparasitics: provide protection to body
?Sunthi (Dry Ginger Powder)
     – Rich in anti-oxidants & vitamins
     – Relieve & stop vomitting & nausea
     – Improves appetite
?Dill Oil
      – Antispasmotic: reduce flatulence
      – Helps dissolve uric acid (formation of bladder stones)
      – Treat chronic constipation

Himalaya® Digyton® functions as a Digestive stimulant, Bowel regulator & Herbal ammonia binder. 

Himalaya® Digyton® can stimulate digestive enzyme secretion to facilitate the secretion of proteolytic, amylolytic and lipolytic enzymes that catalyze the digestion of food. Regularizes bowel movement: By regularizing bowel movements, it helps in treating gastrointestinal disorders in puppies. It also tones the digestive tract. Carminative: Its carminative action prevents the recurrence of flatulence, colic and abdominal discomfort.

Suitable for:
• Dogs/Cats of all life stages
• Dogs/Cats with digestive health issue
• Dogs/Cats adapting to new dog food
• Dogs/Cats with bloating & stomach health issue
• Dogs/Cats with diarrhea or soft stool

• 30ml/bottle with dropper

Direction of Use:
To be given orally or mixed with food or as directed.
Small breed (<11kg)
Puppies: 5 – 8 drops twice daily
Adults: 1 – 2mL twice daily

Large Breed (>11kg)
Puppies: 10 – 15 drops twice daily
Adults: 3 – 4mL twice daily

Kittens: 3 – 5 drops twice daily
Adults: 1ml twice daily"

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