PETDiatric® MAXIMUS OPHTAL Canine Feline Adjunctive Ophtalmology Therapy 60 tablets
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PETDiatric® MAXIMUS OPHTAL Canine Feline Adjunctive Ophtalmology Therapy 60 tablets

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Maximus Ophtal is a natural dietary nutraceutical supplement for improving eye’s health for small animal.. It is a blend of two patented ingredient specifically targeting at improving eye’s health, Astaxanthin (ASX) and Optiberry®. Astaxanthin (ASX), a red carotenoid pigment with no pro-vitamin A activity, is a biological antioxidant that occurs naturally in a wide variety of plants, algae. OptiBerry, which exhibited high oxygen radical absorbent capacity (ORAC) value, low cytotoxicity and superior antiangiogenic properties. The combination provide a natural, functional food nutraceutical for small animal ophthalmology. Maximus Opthal ASX is sourced from Haematococcus pluvialis Microalgae that contain high concentration of 6000mg/100g of astaxanthin extract, one of the highest in the world.

Clincally proven that ASX is able to attenuated selenite-induced cataractogenesis in rats, capable of protecting porcine lens proteins from oxidative insults and degradation by calcium-induced calpain and while testing on salmon, it can significantly protect Atlantic salmon against development of cataracts.

OptiBerry contains a unique, proprietary blend of wild blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, wild bilberry, elderberry and raspberry extracts (patent-pending), which are known for their health-promoting properties due to their high content of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins stimulate the production of a substance called “rhodopsine”, helping night vision by improving capillary circulation. Anthocyanins assist the blood circulation in the capillary blood vessels and prevent the shortened refraction linked to eyestrain. Plays an important role as a powerful antioxidant and -free radical scavenger to help support microcirculation and general eye health as well as varicose veins and circulation disorders.

For adjunctive in ophtalmology in dogs and cats and other small animals.
One tablet daily for animal up to 20kg

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