Royal Canin Vet Care Feline Nutrition Neutered Satiety Balance Cat Kucing 12kg

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Royal Canin Feline Vet Care Nutrition – Neutered Satiety Balance is a complete dietary dry cat food. Many cats have a tendency to be overweight and often this is due to the change in their metabolism resulting from neutering. When cats are neutered their metabolism slows down and at the same time their appetite increases. High energy consumption and low activity levels can also lead to your cat being overweight. Royal Canin Feline Vet Care Nutrition – Neutered Satiety Balance is a dietary food designed to improve the health and wellness of neutered and sterilised cats aged under 7 years that helps them to maintain their ideal weight after neutering. This dry kibble has a high fibre content from a combination of soluble fibre (Psyllium) and insoluble fibres with a high water holding capacity. These fibres help to support feelings of satiety and help to lengthen the intervals between meals. This reduces the need for snacking and hence reduces the cat’s overall daily energy consumption. The dry food also has a low fat and calorie content. The special S/O index of this food also helps to prevent the formation of urinary stones (struvite and calcium oxalate crystals). The synergistic antioxidant complex in this dry food can also protect against free radicals.


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